Carl Hengen

Bardic Compass

Carl Hengen is a classically trained, operatic tenor and alum of the Peabody Conservatory of the Johns Hopkins University, among other respected institutions. Though his training focused on classical repertoire, Carl never lost his love of rock and roll, and continued to keep his skills sharp on the guitar as well. Creating music has always been his passion and Bardic Compass is the latest destination where those energies flow.


Carl is represented by the symbol The Exocalamus.

This bindrune resembling a quill combines the ancient Nordic Elder ‘Futhark’ rune ‘Wunjo’ (meaning joy) with a elements of a contemporary bindrune in its own right created from more modern runes from the Icelandic word ‘tónlist,’ meaning ‘music.’

The calamus is the hollow center of an avian feather, from which the strongest historic writing tools were used when the feather was plucked during a bird's annual molting. The calamus fills in a capillary effect when dipped in ink, arming the scribe with endless possibility within its core. Therefore the calamus is both the well of the unknown and the promise of great works in the grasp of the creative.

The quill as a tool is inherently imperfect. Like inspiration, its ammunition is finite and quickly fleeting. It is sometimes messy. It requires replenishment from an ominous, amorphous source. But the works which can be wrought from it may be gratifying enough to warrant the sacrifice in its use.

Thus the quill is also the symbol of sacrifice, as the avian rips the old from the follicle only to allow regrowth of the new.

Gear List


Gibson Guitars

Dunlop Guitar Picks

DR Strings


Earthquaker Devices

Walrus Pedals

Beetronics Effects


EVH Amplification

BOSS Amplification

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