The Bards

Largely formed out of the glorious geekdom that is Baltimore Maryland's fantasy and tabletop gaming scene, Bardic Compass is the brainchild of Lead Vocalist Carl Hengen and Sound Engineer Artem Bank.

After first meeting in music production circles, and after co-creating/playing in a handful of roleplaying game circles together, the two decided to combine their creative forces towards a new progressive rock project.

After all, if time-honored stories of heroism, discovery, and beauty could be so improved by the introduction of fantasy, why could the same not be true of music? Inspired mostly by the detailed and powerful stylings of progressive rock bands like Coheed and Cambria, Tool, and others, Artem and Carl set off to create a sound that is altogether imaginatively intricate but excitingly approachable, much like the games and comics that draw them together.

With condensed direction and purpose, the group have since linked up with local psychedelic and progressive rock drummer David Wilson (ex: Greasy Hands, Spencer Joyce, Front Royal), and up-and-coming lead guitarist from Texas, Damian Silvas to bring their live show campaign to the East Coast rock circuits and beyond.

Our Team

Bardic Compass
Carl Hengen
The Rhapsodist

Front man & resident DM; Operatic vocals with thundering guitar riffs.

Bardic Compass
David Wilson
The Sage

The heartbeat of the band; wielder of sticks and controller of time.

Bardic Compass
Damian Silvas
The Blade Master

DSil came around to sling some string and occasionally sing.

Bardic Compass
Artem Bank
The Artificer

Artem is the founding bassist, songwriter, and all around production guy for the band.

Sarah Kaider
The Archer

Sarah brings her expertise in marketing to reach new audiences and create a captivating online presence.

Drew Wright

Our newest member, taking over bass and low-end duties to make the thump.

Honorary Bards

These bards have joined us on stage or in the studio to help us make some brilliant music, and we just want to showcase all of their talent!

Kojo Kamya
Karma Houdini

Kojo makes original music and covers under the name Karma Houdini, and is also known for his work as the lead guitarist for the band Master Sword.

Anshuman Goswami
Traveling Bassist

Ansh has performed with Bardic Compass as a touring bassist.

Dan Janis
Webbing Saxophonist

Dan recorded a brilliant saxophone solo for our Spider-Man themed song.

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