Sarah Kaider


Sarah is the marketing lead of Bardic Compass. With an unwavering dedication to her craft, Sarah cultivates the band's digital marketing footprint and amplifies their enchanting melodies to the world.

Armed with a degree in Mass Communications, specializing in Advertising and Public Relations from Towson University, Sarah possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Prior to joining Bardic Compass, she showcased her remarkable skills as the Digital Marketing Manager at the Charcot-Marie-Tooth Association, as well as the Communications Manager and Social Media Manager at the Epilepsy Foundation of America. In these roles, Sarah demonstrated her talent for crafting engaging copy and curating captivating newsletters. She orchestrated strategies and campaigns for both organizations’ national social media accounts, fine-tuning the digital narrative to inspire and empower their communities. Sarah's responsibilities extended to reviewing and editing website content, as well as organizing and producing enthralling livestream events such as Facebook Lives and Twitch streams.

While immersed in the world of marketing, Sarah finds solace and inspiration in her creative pursuits. Outside of her professional endeavors, she indulges in crafting captivating science fiction and horror novels. With nimble fingers, she masterfully wields crochet hooks and knitting needles, conjuring designs that embody her artistic spirit. As a dedicated supporter of the arts, Sarah finds joy in witnessing her fiancé (Bardic Compass drummer) David's drumming prowess on the stage. 

With her multifaceted talents and unwavering dedication, Sarah leads Bardic Compass's marketing efforts with an enchanting blend of creativity and strategy. Her unwavering commitment and her innate understanding of the band's essence make her an invaluable asset in their melodious journey.


Artem is represented by the symbol The Sun of Veles.

The outer geometric circle represents the Metallic Sun, a moniker Artem has used for production. He even publishes his creations under the name Metallic Sun Media. It’s a representation of creation, both in energy and artifice.

The inner symbol is a flipped symbol of Veles, the slavic god of the earth, waters, forests, underworld, music, magic, trickery, cattle and wealth. Upside down it looks like an A for the first letter of Artem’s name, and serves to counteract some of the negative connotations of the slavic god in an attempt to flip the script on the trickster god.

The triangle formed by the top of the symbol also conveniently stands for the greek delta. Both to point toward Artem's name's greek origins and to serve as a symbol of change in life.

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