Doctor told me something's wrong with my head

But if we can rightly mend

You won't be the same in the end

And in my state I had no care to complain

Take away the hurt

Let the medicine do it's work

Maybe this poison in me

Could heal my heart

If taken as prescribed

Morning, noon, and night.

The lines upon my face, they are battle scars.

From the toxic in my blood,

This lithium flood.

Saved the mind, ravaged body, what of soul?

All I have are cautious words,

Lips faded and broke.

Maybe the poison I am,

Could heal your heart.

If taken as prescribed,

Every day and night.

There is no venom in my sting,

Consume the,

Ashes of crumbling mountains in my wake,

And learn the,

Price you pay for holding it in,

The gaze of a man with no pain left to mend.

And a visage of cracked skin and marks overwhelmed,

Lest you might need,

To take that poison in you,

To steal your heart,

If taken as prescribed,

Through endless light and dark.

The Story

Poison is probably the most personal song Artem has ever written, detailing his relationship with mental illness and bipolar disorder. Specifically, it talks to his thoughts on lithium. Literally, the drug is a poison in too high of a dosage, but does help with the symptoms of bipolar disorder. Both a blessing and a curse, especially with it's side effects - the most notable of which was intense acne that left his face scarred.

Artem wishes anyone who's dealing with depression, anxiety, or any other mental hardships to reach out and seek support from a mental health professional - so that no one gets to the low that he experienced at one point.

If you're having thoughts of suicide, or experiencing hardships, access the information below.

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