This album chronicles the D&D campaign played by the band and friends, and DMed by Carl. Each song pertains to a character or event within the campaign. The campaign follows the Caravan, a group of heroes conscripted to fight against the Jewelheart cult, a terrible organization bent on reviving the evil lich demigod, Aramis III Foyevair, with the help of a cruel evil black dragon.

released November 3rd, 2023

Track Listing
1. Convergence
2. Born from the Ashes
3. Black Tusk
4. Monster
5. The Girl from the Woods
6. The One You Need
7. Door in the Dark
8. Zhin's Sermon
9. Feels Like Home
10. Shipwreck

Artem Bank - Bass, Backing Vocals, Additional Instrumentation

Carl Hengen - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals, Additional Instrumentation

Damian Silvas - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals

David Wilson - Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals

Recording, editing, and mixing by Artem Bank.

Lyrics and additional engineering by Carl Hengen.

Lead Guitar recorded at and by DSil Studios.

Album art by Samantha Kanios.

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