The Adventuring Kit is a compilation album of all of Bardic Compass' released music up to the Convergence single. It is only sold at live shows and is exclusive and limited to 100 copies! Stop by one of our merch tables to grab one before they're all gone!

released August 13, 2022

Track Listing
1. Convergence (Single Version)
2. Blind
3. Meltdown
4. The Call
5. The Sorrow of the Hero
6. Beating Hearts
7. Meltdown (Acoustic)
8. Poison (Acoustic)
9. The Look (Acoustic)
10. Zhin's Sermon (Acoustic)
11. Beating Hearts (Instrumental)
12. Blind (Instrumental)
13. Meltdown (Instrumental)
14. The Call (Instrumental)
15. The Sorrow of the Hero (Instrumental)
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